The Cleaners


“On Mort, the rain never stops. This is the black jewel in the rotten crown of the World of Progress, where serial murder, empty style, corporate treachery and prime time violence are all career options.

The heart of SLA Industries, Mr Slayer’s office building dominates SLA corporate HQ, set in the gleaming splendour of the district known as Central. Only SLA,s corporate employees and Operatives can be found here. Elsewhere, criminal gangs, maniacs and nervous civilians scuttle through the filthy, labyrinthine streets of Downtown and the revolting spaces beneath. Outside the city walls lurk the He’ll ish Cannibal Sectors, terrifying areas of devastation packed with deadly inhabitants.

For you, the Operatives, it seems just like the adverts. You’re really a Hero, a media darling, saving the world and loving the golden life of hedonism and fame. But that means following Mr Slayer’s Big Picture. Life is so “pleasant” for most people that SLA has employed you as part of its special troubleshooting forces. Elite agents trusted to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and the company isn’t…embarrassed.

Guns kill but so does the truth.” 

Taken from the back of first edition rulebook.

The GM will be running the recently released 2nd edition quickstart rules. Full rules will be released via Kickstarter in September 2019.

The GM will be running games using miniatures for the combat situations.

The scenario is a mixture of horror, investigation and combat.

  • System: SLA Industries v2 quick start
  • Genre/Setting: Dystopian future horror
  • Combat Heavy? Yes
  • Suitable For Beginners? Yes
  • Mature Theme? Yes


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